Serving Active Duty? How an Online Military University Can Help You Gain Your Education

If you're in the military, you may feel like your chances for an education have passed you by, or at least been put on hold. However, that's not the case at all. This is the perfect time for you to get your college education. You might not realize this, but the military provides numerous opportunities for you to pursue your education while you're on active duty. You don't even need to set foot on a college campus. You can get all your education through an online university for military. Here are three ways that online military colleges can help you further your education.

Get Credit for What You Already Know

You may not have graduated from college, but that doesn't mean you haven't learned things that could transfer over to college credit. There's a way you can test out on subjects that you're already proficient in. That gives you the opportunity to obtain college credits without taking those classes. One of the benefits of testing out is that you can get your degree much faster. Another benefit is that you don't need to pay for classes that you don't need.

Get Credit for What You've Done

While you've been in the military, you've been receiving training in various fields. That training and experience might not give you a leg up in civilian colleges, but it does in military colleges. You can get college credit for all the training you've received while in the military. These credits provide you another way to work toward an education while you're in the military.

Get the Tuition Assistance You Need

When you're in the military, your pay isn't nearly what it might be in the civilian world. Unfortunately, that can make it next to impossible to pay for your college education. But this shouldn't stop you from pursuing your education. The military provides a wide variety of tuition assistance programs to help you achieve your educational goals.

GI Bill

When you entered active duty, you became eligible for the GI Bill. This tuition assistance program is available for all active duty members, veterans, and their families. You can use this program while you're still in the military.


In addition to the GI Bill, you can also receive scholarships that will help you pay for your classes, books, and supplies. Scholarships don't need to be paid back, but you will need to apply for them.


Grants are another option that are available to help you pay for your college education. One of the benefits of grants is that they're based on need. Like the scholarships and the GI Bill, you won't need to pay your grants back.

Don't let active-duty military service keep you from gaining your college education. Use the tips provided here to help you pay for your education through one of the many online military colleges and universities.